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Katleho Magwaza is a fitness and health enthusiast as a result of her own body transformation, which has not only ignited her burning passion for fitness in a way she would have never imagined, but it has also inspired thousands of people across oceans. Apart from being a fitness coach, fitness and health influencer and Katleho is an aspiring Specialized nutritionist.

With one of the most inspirational fitness journey’s out there, Katleho absolutely knows the essential steps that lead towards a healthy lifestyle. And the amazing results of her clients from her KM 30 Day Challenge she emphasizes not only on the need of a healthy meal plan combined with a workout plan however also positive self-beliefs, mental health and motivation are quite important to be explored to reap the full benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

I truly believe that the challenges that we each face provide the pathway for each of us to grow into someone we’ve never been. And it is only until we have conquered difficulty we are able to thrive in the next chapter of our lives. Never allow any situation to make you doubt yourself, for God would never give you a battle you cannot handle.


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With a growing social media presence, Katleho has graced the pages of Women’s Health magazine September issue, local newspaper The Citizen August Edition, GoodHousekeeping magazine December issue, Power FM 987 Radio segment on eating plans and recently Marie Claire magazine May issue.